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District 28, Area 56

Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2017

The District 28 (D28) Meeting was held on this date at the Deerfield United Methodist Church in Landen, OH. The meeting was opened with the Serenity Prayer at 2:04 pm, by Jason P.

Members Present

Carl B. read the long form of Tradition 12.

Mark B. read the long form of Concept 12.

New GSRs

No new GSRs were in attendance today.

Secretary Report

Teresa H. presented minutes from the previous meeting for review. Bob M. presented change to update title for Bob D. to PI/PCP; Bob D. motioned to accept the report; Herb seconded the motion; motion passed with unanimous vote.

Finance Report

Luann reported a current balance of $659.66.  She indicated there is an additional $246.74, plus $78.00, brought to the meeting by Jim A. as donation from Monday Lebanon Big Book. Once those two amounts are deposited, our balance will be $984.40. Luann further indicated she would be issuing a check to Herb for $189.49; this is reimbursement for the D28 2018 yearly fee for PO Box rental ($134.00), literature/display ($48.79), and corrections ($6.70).  Bob M. motioned to accept the report; Mark B. seconded the motion; motion passed with unanimous vote.

DCM Report

As out-going DCM, Bob M. gave update that the lawsuit involving Bill Wilson’s original manuscript has been withdrawn. He also stated that that A56 was in the beginning stages of planning the March 2018 Mini-Conference in Dayton, OH. The specific date is TBD.


Corrections Report

Herb distributed the Corrections Service flyer which provided a list of the correctional facilities within D28.

Herb also reported:

Mark B. stated that Warren County would like more meetings. Herb reviewed information about the process to get meetings into the facility and start-up has to go through several steps.

Herb spoke of challenge getting literature from Central Service Office for Corrections; indicated he must contact Donovan for approval. Teresa H. indicated this was recently established in Intergroup in order to ensure accountability of where books and literature were being used.

PI/PCP Report

Bob D. reviewed his meeting with Jack H., the previous PI/PCP Chair. In addition to the probation offices in our area (Warren County Probation Department, Lebanon Probation Department, Mason Probation Office), Bob is working to expand that list to include other institutions and schools with whom he can visit and distribute information and literature.

Treatment Centers Report


Grapevine/Literature Report

Luann reported she has ordered a two-year subscription to the Grapevine. She also suggested making a sub-committee where members would take a book (ie: As Bill Sees It, 24 Hours, etc…) to various meetings they attend in order to promote literature. She thanked Herb for getting the new display which will be used at upcoming conferences and meetings.

GSR Report


Intergroup Report

Larry B. reported that starting in January 2018, the monthly Intergroup Meeting will start at 7:30 pm. New GSR orientation will begin at 7:00 pm. He also reported that Intergroup sold 615 tickets to the 2017 Thanksgiving Banquet and collected approximately $1,200.00. Larry also spoke about Intergroup’s Monday Radio Show, and that donations could be made and we could be a part of a show. He further indicated that the IG Operations Committee was looking at putting Footsteps online.

News from Groups/Announcements

Old Business


New Business

Herb reminded the group he has the key to the District’s PO Box in Loveland and sends thank-you notes to all groups who send in donations. Luann indicated that she has a spare key to the PO Box. She also asked about a donation received from a “non-registered” group. Herb stated it was a small group that met in someone’s home. Bob M. presented for discussion to determine a prudent reserve and then once that is met, to consider making donations to Area 56, the Central Service Office (Intergroup), the World Service Office and possibly donating, on-going or one-time, to the Radio Show. Luann stated that it has only been recently that we have seen solid donations and been able to consider a prudent reserve. Jason asked that in order to determine our prudent reserve, we include discussion of committee budgets as this was not previously done.  As discussion grew, it was determined this topic would be reviewed at length at our next meeting.

The next D28 Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 20, 2018, at 2:00 pm, at the Deerfield United Methodist Church. The Meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Teresa H., Secretary

Mailing Address:   A.A. District 28, P.O. Box 426, Loveland, OH  45140-9998